How to play?

MetaDrace Rules

Player can own a maximum is 30 dogs - Dogs with a rarity from 1 to 5 stars (base stats random by star level) (random color)
Training: The first time is free. The price for the next time is 100 tokens, double tokens from the 3 times (60 minutes for a training) (For example, the first time is 100 tokens, from the 4th time it is 200 and the 7th time is 400)
Race fee: Players will not lose the GAS fee when racing but they will lose a 2% race fee deducted directly from bonus tokens (You have to pay 0.2 tokens if you use the quick rase)
Market transaction fee: 50 tokens fee for each NFT hanging and 5% selling fee
Token Claim fee: The first day claim fee is 50%. From the 2nd day, the claim fee is 40% and will gradually decrease to 0% on the 6th day. The percent of early claim tokens fees will be added back to the pool.
Token withdrawal fee: Token withdrawal fee is 0%. Minimum withdrawal is 10 tokens and 120tokens maximum.